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The company consisting of various plots scattered throughout the municipal territory, located at various altitudes, and on land with different structures, for this reason we propose the production of at least 2 types of oil based on areas adjoining agricultural fields, this allows us to have different fruity

intensities. The oil cultivars present on the plots are typical of the area such as Rosciola, Leccino, Frantoio,
Pendolino. The planting density is very low and does not exceed 200 trees per hectare DEFENSE


defense of the olive grove does not require a large number of interventions and, especially in cool climates, healthy olives can be produced with a maximum of two pesticide treatments per year. The key insect in all Italian regions is the olive fly (Bactrocera oleae), whose larvae dig tunnels in the
fruit feeding on the pulp.We fight the fly with natural methods such as photochromic glue traps and ecotrap (bottles with small holes and protein baits), natural products such as kaolin (rock dust) and hydroalcoholic solution of propolis, we use lithotamnium and bentonite to reduce the humidity present and create an unfavorable microenvironment



pathogens. Pruning is an expensive but essential practice that must be performed taking into account the biological prerogatives of the olive tree, including the natural habit of the species and variety, the high vegetative activity, the types of buds and branches. , the way of fruiting mainly on the axillary inflorescences of the mixed branches, the alternation of production. Furthermore, to prune correctly it is necessary to consider the age, productivity, vegetative development, the phyto-sanitary state and any symptoms of imbalance or deterioration of the tree, unfortunately the current structures of the trees must be modified, for this , we are working in the reconversion to a polyconic cone, in the past for manual harvesting and pruning long wooden stairs were used that needed fairly dense supports, so secondary and tertiary branches were left that made the foliage grow, moving it away from the primary branches , today with the help of mechanical facilitators, harvesting and pruning

carried out from

the ground, with a significant reduction of the risks mainly linked to falls from above. SOIL MANAGEMENT It includes the tillage, the control of weeds or any lawn and the distribution of fertilizers and affects the physical properties and the chemical and microbiological balances of the soil, while there are no known direct effects on the quality of the soil. oil. A correct management allows to improve the water regulation, favoring the infiltration and reducing the superficial flow of



very important aspect considering that our olive groves



the hills and with slopes ranging from 15 to 30%. FERTILIZATION It takes place totally with organic fertilizers of natural origin. COLLECTION It is carried out with facilitating tools, which allow the collection of discrete quantities and the consequent transfer to the mill in 24/48 for the subsequent pressing. The harvest takes place when the color of the fruit (the so-called veraison) changes from green to purple, this is because it represents the ripening phase in which a



of oil and substances is present inside the olive. phenolic which will subsequently give the organoleptic and nutritional qualities of the finished product. QUALITY Our company is subject to the organic production regime, in the spring


2020 the expected cycle of 3 years for conversion will be completed. All phases are strictly carried out according to the HACCP specification. PACKAGING The packaging procedures, in 0.500 L and 0.750 L bottles and in 5 L cans, are carried out at the extraction mill, where

storage and consequent analyzes take place. for the determination of the organoleptic properties and the certification of extra virgin olive oil. 

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