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For those who want to start a new business \ u00e0 or for resale re of legal cannabis light interested in completing their



by selling new products. 100% legal product legal product with levels below the legal limits, in full compliance with law 242 \ / 2016, products certified and analyzed by IZSM. 100% natural product produced without the use of pesticides, additives or chemical fertilizers, pursuing the


goal of a production of excellence. Why sell our products? There are no brokers and you buy directly from us, we



high profit margins and you do not have a minimum order quantity, as well as having a high quality product at a low price. Do not hesitate to contact us with a simple email that you can find below!

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Frosini Lorenzo; a young 22-year-old farmer who wanted to do business in the countryside, facing the hard but genuine work in

the fields. Jams, oils and hemp products.





Strada di Colle Passero

snc 00024 Castel Madama RM

+ 39 3311969291

+ 39 3393349295info info@agricolafrosinilorenzo .it

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